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Please Consider Supporting Christ & Pop Culture

Are men really called to be heroes?

Is my vision of the heroic life truly Biblical, or has it been shaped by cultural pressures and norms?

The Most Soul-Destroying Baby Names of 2012


Hey Bloggers: Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

If you find an interesting article that you want to share on your blog, then do everything you can to point your readers to the original article.

Can art be explained by evolution?

Galaxy Lights

Why explore space?

Galaxy Lights

Finding Common Ground in the Culture Wars

Perhaps the best way to deal with the vast cultural divide in this nation is to simply talk less about those things that so obviously divide us.

Is blogging dead? (No, not really…)

The reports of blogging’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

Ethicists Argue There’s No Difference Between Aborting Fetuses and Killing Newborns

Killing an otherwise healthy baby would be acceptable were its neurological development somehow deemed less than desirable.

Writing More Thoughtfully

On writing in a more thoughtful manner, from a pair of articles by Alan Noble and MG Siegler.

The Power (and Persecution) of Introverts

Galactic Center

“We are living in a universe uncalculable by science.”

I find the relationship and interplay between science and philosophy fascinating.


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