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DPP2014, #12

DPP2014, #12: The Cutest Gamer

A glimpse of the future shape of the video game audience.
DPP2014, #11

DPP2014, #11: Reading

I’d forgotten how pleasant it is to stretch out on the couch and get lost, if for a few minutes, in an honest-to-goodness book.
DPP2014, #10

DPP2014, #10: Ginger Cookies

You know they’re delicious because of all the butter.
DPP2014, #9

DPP2014, #9: Pink

She’s not even in preschool yet, but she’ll be a teenager before I know it, and Lord help me then.
DPP2014, #7

DPP2014, #7: Christmas Sky

Want to see this work of art in real life? Come to Redeemer’s Christmas program on December 14.
DPP2014, #6

DPP2014, #6: Peppernuts

Who am I to deny the incredible cuteness of kids making cookies?
DPP2014, #5

DPP2014, #5: The Work Party

Holiday parties and live karaoke, the way it was meant to be.

DPP2014, #4: Magic Time

Good friends, the “Wrath of God,” chocolate, and scotch. What more do you need?

DPP2014, #3: “…because He makes pickles.”

​Tonight’s devotion came from this camouflaged amateur theologian.
DPP2015, #2

DPP2014, #2: Pudding

The only way to celebrate IE9 deprecation.
DPP 2015 #1

DPP2014, #1: Italian Runzas

My favorite fast food item, especially when paired with onion rings and root beer.

7 Simple Truths About Blogging

I certainly don’t consider myself a pundit by any means, but I do think I’ve learned a thing or two after having written online for so long.


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