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Makeup & Vanity Set

Finding a Path Through the Wilderness: An Interview with Makeup & Vanity Set

Makeup & Vanity Set’s Matthew Pusti discusses his new album’s origins, its accompanying short film, the legacy of the ’80s, and much more.
Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus

Deeper Truth & Elusive Beauty: An Interview with The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

The Guardian Interviews Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Oh Godspeed, how I’ve missed you so.
Jason Corder

An Interview with Off The Sky’s Jason Corder

Jason Corder discusses his projects, the concepts behind his work, and other things.

Yellow6 Interview

There was never a conscious decision made between us about which direction to go in with the album. It was whatever felt right at the time.

An Interview with Caul

After rediscovering the dark ambient sounds of Brett Smith (aka Caul), I interviewed him about Caul’s origins as well as current and future projects.

An Interview with Zelienople

We discuss the band’s “new” sound, their new member, and what it’s like to record in a haunted apartment.
Ryan Francesconi

RF Interview

Ryan Francesconi

An Interview with Super Furry Animals

Jonathan Donaldson catches up with main-Furry Gruff Rhys about the end of the journey of their 2001 classic, Rings Around the World.

An Interview with Jute


Cornerstone 2001: Elevator Division Interview

I feel I have to apologize to anyone reading this interview.

Absalom Recordings Interview

Despite being a relatively young label, it already possesses an impressive catalog, not to mention an artistic integrity that most labels would gladly give up their crossover appeal to have.


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