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Concert Review: Local H (December 18, 2001, Chicago, IL)

As with every Local H show, a hard-rock earnestness is guaranteed. The Metro free show proved no different.

Concert Review: Björk, Matmos (October 14, 2001, Chicago, IL)

Concert Review: Travis, Remy Zero (October 10, 2001, Chicago, IL)

Travis shifted between the spark-fueled rock on their sophomore effort and the simmering pop songs on their latest.

Concert Review: Sigur Rós & The Album Leaf (September 27, 2001, Chicago, IL)

If this isn’t music for overcoming broken times and bitter moments, than I don’t know what is.

Concert Review: Burning Airlines, Rival Schools, The Casket Lottery (September 24, 2001, Lincoln, NE)

Concert Review: Pedro the Lion, Seldom, The Elevator Division, Son, Ambulance (September 8, 2001, Lawrence, KS)

Concert Review: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, The Pinetop Seven (August 13, 2001, Lincoln, NE)

Concert Review: Radiohead, Kid Koala, The Beta Band (August 1, 2001, Chicago, IL)

Concert Review: The Faint, Bright Eyes, Cursive (August 17, 2001, Omaha, NE)

The Faint are a rock band, first and foremost, and it’s obvious they love playing their music in front of a crowd.

Concert Review: The Faint, The Good Life, Har Mar Superstar (May 26, 2001, Omaha, NE)

Despite a few technical glitches, The Faint held the crowd in their hand.

Concert Review: Sigur Rós (May 6, 2001, Chicago, IL)

This was a concert that had a real sense of honesty and purity of intent about it, the way it should always be.

Concert Review: Low, Bright Eyes, Kevin Chasek (April 6, 2001, Lincoln, NE)


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