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Concert Review: The Arcade Fire & Kite Pilot (November 29, 2004, Omaha, NE)

Concert Review: Explosions in the Sky, Adem, Mr. 1986 (October 17, 2004, Omaha, NE)

Concert Review: Viva Voce (October 2, 2004, Lincoln, NE)

Concert Review: Pedro the Lion, Ester Drang, The Reputation (March 19, 2004, Houston, TX)

Concert Review: Copeland, The Lonely Hearts, The Connotations, Lukas Hollow (March 13, 2004, Houston, TX)

Copeland exceeded all of my expectations with their sincerity and proficiency at playing fabulous rock n’ roll.

Concert Review: Namelessnumberheadman, Mr. 1986 (March 5, 2004, Kansas City, MO)

Concert Review: Conor Oberst, Jim James, M. Ward (February 2, 2004, Omaha, NE)

Concert Review: Clem Snide, Califone, Okkervil River (October 23, 2003, Lincoln, NE)

Concert Review: My Morning Jacket, The Sleepy Jackson, Marianas (October 1, 2003, Omaha, NE)

“Verve” and “conviction” were two things Jim James and Co. had in abundance that night.

Concert Review: Anamude, Fromanhole, Little Brazil (August 24, 2003, Omaha, NE)

Concert Review: Unwed Sailor (August 2, 2003, Des Moines, IA)

There’s a solidity and honesty to Unwed Sailor’s music that I always find appealing, and that came through perfectly tonight.

Concert Review: Tie These Hands, Ester Drang, Starflyer 59 (June 16, 2003, Omaha, NE)


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