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Stranger Things Hug

Why does Stranger Things affect me so strongly?

I understand why others find the series derivative, clichéd, too reliant on tropes, etc. But it doesn’t feel derivative to me at all.
Stranger Things 2 Mind Flayer

Stranger Things 2 Is a (Mostly) Satisfying Return to Hawkins, Indiana

Also, let’s talk about what’ll happen in season 3 and why the series is so affecting to begin with.
Netflix's Dark

Germany’s Dark Could Be the Next Stranger Things

We’ll find out for sure on December 1.
Stranger Things Season 2 Monster

Random Nerdery: Stranger Things, Thor: Ragnarok, Blade Runner 2049, Young Justice & more

Cool news and trailers coming out of Comic-Con 2017, plus more.
MST3K and Stranger Things

Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Stranger Things, Together at Last

There’s no way I’m not immediately watching this.
Stranger Things Season 2 Monster

The Whole World’s Upside Down in Stranger Things Season 2

Things far, far worse than the demogorgon are lurking in the Upside Down.
Luke Cage

Random Nerdery: Luke Cage, Stranger Things, Descender & Rogue One

Some humorous video mash-ups, a space opera comic title, and some über-nerdy trailer analysis.
Stranger Things Vol 1, Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein

Stranger Things, Volume 1 by Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein (Review)

Dixon and Stein have composed a rich, evocative score that brings the world of “Stranger Things” to life all on its own.
Stranger Things, Lights

What might happen in season two of Stranger Things?

Also, some more thoughts about why, exactly, the show is so powerful and endearing for me.
Stranger Things Poster

Netflix’s Stranger Things Is a Perfect Example of How to Use Nostalgia Well

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched something that hits so many of my favorite tropes and narrative ideas.
Stranger Things

I Think I’m Going to Need 4 Seasons of Stranger Things

After one episode, this delightfully creepy throwback to classic ’80s Spielberg has me hooked.


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