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Listen to Denison Witmer’s Lovely Cover of Bryan Webb’s “Asa”

Even though he may not have written “Asa,” Witmer does a fine job of making it “his.”
Are You A Dreamer?, Denison Witmer

Are You A Dreamer? by Denison Witmer (Review)

There’s a confidence, a security that comes across in his music that is terribly comforting.
River Bends - Denison Witmer

River Bends EP by Denison Witmer (Review)

This EP is a condensed version of everything that I love about Denison Witmer’s music.
Of Joy & Sorrow, Denison Witmer

Of Joy & Sorrow by Denison Witmer (Review)

Music this simple, yet powerfully affecting, does not get made very often.
Of Joy & Sorrow, Denison Witmer

Concert Review: Rosie Thomas & Denison Witmer (June 22, 2002, Omaha, NE)

Amazing how unassuming songs like those of Denison Witmer and Rosie Thomas can manage to push the whole world away.
Safe Away, Denison Witmer

Safe Away by Denison Witmer (Review)

It might be just what you need at 10:30 on a Sunday night.


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