Starflyer 59 Reviews

Slow, Starflyer 59

Slow by Starflyer 59 (Review)

For over two decades, Jason Martin’s “blue collar” approach to music has resulted in an impressively reliable discography.
Dial M - Starflyer 59

Dial M by Starflyer 59 (Review)

Dial M is yet another fine offering from one of the most reliable and dependable names in music today.
Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice - Starflyer 59

Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice by Starflyer 59 (Review)

In addition to these fresh, exciting elements, the album also features some of the most honest, spiritual songs that Martin has written in, well, quite some time.
I Am the Portugese Blues - Starflyer 59

I Am the Portugese Blues by Starflyer 59 (Review)

However, it’s very fitting that I Am the Portugese Blues sport one of the older style covers, as in many ways, it’s a regression towards the band’s earlier sound.
Easy Come Easy Go - Starflyer 59

Easy Come Easy Go by Starflyer 59 (Review)

Actually, the best part about having all of these tracks in one location is getting to listen to all of Starflyer’s musical directions in one sitting.
Everybody Makes Mistakes - Starflyer 59

Everybody Makes Mistakes by Starflyer 59 (Review)

When it works, it shows once again that Martin is still one of the best songwriters in Christian music.

The Fashion Focus by Starflyer 59 (Review)

In some ways, this album is an amalgamation of everything that Martin has done before.

Americana by Starflyer 59 (Review)

When you hear this record, it’s easy to see why Starflyer is one of the most critically acclaimed Christian bands.
Gold, Starflyer 59

Gold by Starflyer 59 (Review)

Suffice it to say, Gold was one of the best Christian releases of 1995.

Silver by Starflyer 59 (Review)

This album is intensely both weird and cool.


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