Makeup & Vanity Set Reviews

Trackless - Makeup & Vanity Set

Trackless by Makeup & Vanity Set (Review)

Some of Makeup & Vanity Set’s most ambient and surreal work in some time.
Wavehymnal - Makeup & Vanity Set

Wavehymnal EP by Makeup & Vanity Set (Review)

Another solid, engaging release by one of the best musicians working in electronic music today.
Wilderness, Makeup & Vanity Set

Makeup & Vanity Set’s ‘Wilderness’ Is a Synthesizer Music Tour de Force (Review)

Wilderness represents a new benchmark for the dreamwave genre, a record that’s as soulful and sleek as it is synthetic and sinister.

7.25.2148 by Makeup & Vanity Set (Review)

With 7.25.2148, Makeup and Vanity Set have crafted a darkly beautiful synthesizer journey.


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