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Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash #1

The Beautiful World of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

All flaws aside, there’s no denying that this anime series is visually stunning.
Black Dynamite - Scott Sanders

Random Nerdery: Black Dynamite, Billy Joel & H.P. Lovecraft, Summer of ‘84, Animaniacs

A screen legend is back, a musical match made in R’lyeh, more ’80s nostalgia, and the return of the Warner Brothers and their sister.
Men in Black, Barry Sonnenfeld

February 2018’s Best Streaming Titles: GoodFellas, Men in Black, Altered Carbon, Amélie, Blazing Saddles, The Expanse & more

Coming soon: Scorsese gangsters, Will Smith and aliens, cyberpunk, Audrey Tautou, Mel Brooks and the Old West, and gritty space opera.
Phil Elverum

In Rotation: Mount Eerie, Ride, Fine China, Amy Annelle, Josh T. Pearson (Review)

Heart-breaking music about death; dreamy electronica from shoegaze giants; inspired ’80s pop; plaintive, old-timey folk/country; and goofy country-punk.
Bruce Lee's Lightsaber

Random Nerdery: Bruce Lee’s Lightsaber, a 16-bit Last Jedi, Reviews of Black Science & The Bone Clocks

Nunchaku lightsabers kick ass; the controversial Star Wars climax goes vintage; and reviews of a reality-hopping family drama and a psychic-powered modern fantasy.

11 Albums For Welcoming Back (and Weathering) the Winter Cold

These are albums that I tend to gravitate towards once the skies turn grey, the mercury drops, and the snow begins to fall.

Weekend Reads: Grunge’s Rise & Fall, Music’s Future, Midi-chlorians, Logan Paul, Woody Allen & more

Also: The downside of algorithms, movie gun violence, John Williams, enjoying art by sexual predators, and diversity and movie criticism.
Nabihah Iqbal

In Rotation: Nabihah Iqbal, Heligoland, Opus Science Collective (Review)

An impressive debut that feels both nostalgic and original; exquisitely composed dreampop; and super funky future funk.
The Villainess - Jung Byung-gil

The Villainess by Jung Byung-gil (Review)

The film’s mind-blowing action sequences are ultimately undermined by a convoluted plot and characters you don’t care about.
Bright - David Ayer

Random Nerdery: Netflix’s Bright, IDW’s G.I. Joe, Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters

More orc cop action is heading our way, G.I. Joe comics move beyond mere nostalgia, and crazy kaiju action comes to Netflix.
G.I. Joe Phantom X-19 Stealth Fighter

G.I. Joe’s Phantom X-19: The Best Toy Stealth Fighter

It’s a shame that a vehicle so cool never figured more prominently in the G.I. Joe mythos.
Netflix's Dark

What happened in Dark’s first season?

A show like Dark practically demands that its viewers come up with their own pet theories… so here are some of mine.


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