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Stranger Things 2 Mind Flayer

Stranger Things 2 Is a (Mostly) Satisfying Return to Hawkins, Indiana

Also, let’s talk about what’ll happen in season 3 and why the series is so affecting to begin with.
Violet Evergarden

Netflix Is Bringing Us a Lot of Anime in 2018

The streaming service will produce 30 anime titles alone next year.
Shaolin Soccer, Stephen Chow

November 2017’s Best Streaming Titles: The Punisher, Airplane!, Shaolin Soccer & Bond… James Bond

Coming soon: More Marvel and Margaret Atwood adaptations, Agents J and K, Vikings, Keyser Söze, the Mach Five, and more.
Star Trek: Discovery

Weekend Reads: Star Trek: Discovery, Apple’s Bad Design, Satanists & Video Games, the End of Football, Rick & Morty

Also: TV storytelling, the universe’s simulation, Tolkien video games, Facebook’s evolution, David Bazan, a lament for Twitter, and more.
Trackless - Makeup & Vanity Set

Trackless by Makeup & Vanity Set (Review)

Some of Makeup & Vanity Set’s most ambient and surreal work in some time.
Silver Surfer NES

The Silver Surfer Soundtrack Is Classic NES Music at Its Best

One of the worst NES games has one of the best NES soundtracks.
The Mary Onettes

The Mary Onettes’ Debut Album Turns 10, Gets Reissued

An absolute cracking album that reminds you of favorite ’80s alternative heroes without ever feeling derivative.
Dream Catalogue

Dream Catalogue Unleashes Four Volumes of Chaos

The four volumes explore a wide range of electronic music, from vaporwave to digital hardcore to surreal ambient.
New Model - Perturbator

New Model by Perturbator (Review)

Arguably the most difficult Perturbator release to date — but also one of the most intriguing.
Vibescapes - deadxbeat

Vibescapes by Deadxbeat (Review)

These instrumentals make you realize how limited the term “hip-hop” has come to be understood.
Ninja III: The Domination - Sam Firstenberg

Why in the world did I watch Ninja III: The Domination? (Review)

Making it through the final film in Cannon Film’s “ninja trilogy” required more than nostalgia.
Netflix's Dark

Germany’s Dark Could Be the Next Stranger Things

We’ll find out for sure on December 1.


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