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Star Trek Logo

Star Trek Has Always Been More Religious Than Its Creators Want or Realize

It’s a stretch to say that “religion basically no longer exists” in the Star Trek universe.
The Matrix

The Best Streaming Titles for August 2017, Including The Matrix, Voltron, Death Note, Bill & Ted & Spider-Man

Coming soon: Two of Keanu Reeves’ greatest roles, more robot lion action, Gary Cooper, everyone’s favorite webslinger, and much more.
Cowboy Bebop

10 of My Favorite Anime Openings: Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Last Exile, Paranoia Agent & more

The best openings offer condensed versions of everything that’s good and promising about the title in question.
Stranger Things Season 2 Monster

Random Nerdery: Stranger Things, Thor: Ragnarok, Blade Runner 2049, Young Justice & more

Cool news and trailers coming out of Comic-Con 2017, plus more.
Your Name - Makoto Shinkai

Weekend Reads: Anime’s New Golden Age, Luc Besson’s Valerian, “Post-Horror” Films, the World’s Oldest Websites, Brain-Hacking & more

Also: Facebook’s population, the iPhone’s future, North Korea, Donald Trump’s TV addiction, new movie formats, comic books, and Henry David Thoreau’s video game.
All For You - Telepath

All For You by T E L E P A T H テレパシー能力者 (Review)

Some of the enigmatic vaporwave producer’s funnest, and funkiest, music to date.
A Silent Voice - Naoko Yamada

Anime Previews: A Silent Voice, Genocidal Organ, Godzilla, and the Return of FLCL

Visually stunning melodrama, hardcore sci-fi action, futuristic kaiju, and the return of a zany classic.

I’ve Been Writing on the Web for 20 Years

Writing online can now seem trivial but I’m proud of my 20-year legacy. Here’s to 20 more years.
Bark Psychosis' Hex

Bark Psychosis’ Masterpiece Hex Is Getting Reissued

Fire Records will reissue the album this September.
Waiting For - Kiriyama Family

Waiting For… by Kiriyama Family (Review)

Kiriyama Family’s soulful pop definitely has a retro sense about it, but it’s far more than just a nostalgic retread.
Wonder Woman - Patty Jenkins

As a Man, I’m Thankful for an Awesome Female Superhero Movie

Or, some random thoughts about Wonder Woman, inclusivity, and how women are objectified in movies.
Rogue One

The Best Streaming Titles for July 2017: Rogue One, Punch-Drunk Love, Castlevania, Dark City, Mr. Robot & more

Coming soon: “Star Wars,” Adam Sandler’s finest role, vampire hunters, dark sci-fi mysteries, TV hacktivists, and more.


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