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The Value of Valuing Your Church’s Kids

Show your church’s kids that they matter to the church body as a whole.
The Foreigner - Martin Campbell

Could The Foreigner be Jackie Chan’s darkest film yet?

Chan is another father possessing a “very particular set of skills” in this film by Martin Campbell.
All Bitches Die - Lingua Ignota

Lingua Ignota’s All Bitches Die Tackles Misogyny and Abuse with Brutal Electronic Music (Review)

While certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, I consider this one of 2017’s most fascinating and compelling albums.

Weekend Reads: Superstore’s Humanizing Effect, Craigslist’s Ugly-but-Effective Design, Roadside Monument’s Return, One Punch Man & More

Also: The best good bad movies, a new “Robotech” comic, how SEO ruins websites, and more “Wonder Woman” goodness.
Sword Master - Derek Yee

Derek Yee’s Sword Master Is an Underwhelming CGI Spectacle (Review)

This CGI-filled remake of 1977’s Death Duel never quite reaches the martial arts heights to which it so clearly aspires.
My Neighbor Totoro - Hayao Miyazaki

Studio Ghibli Fest 2017

An excellent opportunity to see some of the greatest and most beloved animated films of all time.
Baby Driver - Edgar Wright

Review Round-Up: Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver

Critics say Baby Driver is filled with the sort of vibe and energy we’ve come to love and expect from Edgar Wright.
Robot DJ

Reading: Musical Artificial Intelligence, Daniel Tiger, Anime for Adults, Ben Sasse & More

Also: Cuba’s Netflix, pre-Tolkien fantasy epics, anime samurai apologetics, and conservatives vs. Julius Caesar.
Psychic Temple's Chris Schlarb

In Rotation: The Clientele, Landing, The Daysleepers, Psychic Temple (Review)

Dreamy autumnal pop, spaced-out slowcore, The Smiths get a shoegaze makeover, and some gorgeous psychedelic pop.
Black Panther Drawing

Random Nerdery: Black Panther, Adam West RIP, Bioware’s Anthem & Netflix’s Godzilla Anime

The latest Marvel superhero teaser, the death of a comic book icon, Bioware’s next original title, and the big G gets animated.
Wonder Woman - Patty Jenkins

Weekend Reads: Wonder Woman, Studio Ghibli’s Theme Park, Cowboy Bebop, Bernie Sanders, Christianity’s Decline & More

Also: The decline of Contemporary Christian Music, Google Chrome’s ad blocker, Harvard and online privacy, and conspiracy theories of the Left.
Homecoming - Sorrow Plagues

Homecoming by Sorrow Plagues (Review)

Sorrow Plagues’s blend of black metal and shoegaze contains a few sonic surprises along the way.


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