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Arrival - Denis Villeneuve

My Favorite Movies Since I Was Born

It was fun to make a list but this was also a painful reminder that I see far fewer movies now than I once did.
Slowdive 2016

Slowdive Officially Announce Their First New Album in 22 Years

I have a good feeling Slowdive will fulfill a lot of long-building fan expectations come early May.
MST3K, Satellite of Love

The Best Streaming Titles Arriving in April 2017

Coming soon: A magical musician, the Satellite of Love, rival magicians, the ultimate cop, and more.
Kiki's Delivery Service Radio

Tune in to Radio Ghibli and Enjoy Classic Studio Ghibli Soundtracks

These hour-long mixes of Studio Ghibli music reveal a body of work that’s also deserving of recognition.
Alto's Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey Is Coming This Summer

Instead of collecting runaway llamas this time, you’ll be discovering “the secrets of the endless desert.”
Peel Away the Ivy - The Pattern Forms

Gorgeously Weird Electronic Pop Abounds on The Pattern Forms’ Peel Away the Ivy (Review)

Arguably one of Ghost Box’s most accessible releases to date, as well as one of their loveliest.
Autumn Is the End - Steven R. Smith

Autumn Is the End by Steven R. Smith (Review)

Autumn Is the End sounds like the penultimate spaghetti western soundtrack.
Russian Lullabies - Havalina

Russian Lullabies by Havalina (Review)

Two decades after its original release, Havalina’s third album remains as much an unsung masterpiece as ever.
Monumenta - Valerinne

On Monumenta, Valerinne’s Fiery Post-Rock Will Destroy You, in a Good Way (Review)

The Romanian trio will beat you down one massive riff at a time, but they’ll also build you back up, stronger than before.
Chalice Hymnal - Grails

Grails’ Chalice Hymnal Blends Numerous Genres to Create Cinematic Soundscapes (Review)

Post-rock, electronic music, film scores, modern classical, and jazz figure into Grails’ graceful, sublime music.
Terminator 2

The Best Streaming Titles Arriving in March 2017

Coming soon: a Mel Brooks western, Mr. Miyagi, South Korean revenge, a vampire mockumentary, and Ah-nuld in his prime.


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