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Makeup & Vanity Set

In Rotation: Makeup & Vanity Set, C418, Secret Pyramid, Dungen & American Football (Review)

Ominous synth music, playful electronica, beautiful dark ambient, Swedish psych-rock instrumentals, and elegant emo.
Unknown Tone Records

Exploring the Strange, Otherworldly Sounds of Oklahoma’s Unknown Tone Records (Review)

There’s some very weird music to be found in Unknown Tone’s catalog, but that same music is frequently beautiful and intriguing as well.
Your Name - Makoto Shinkai

Trailer Alert: Makoto Shinkai Returns With Your Name

The film follows a boy and girl who find themselves inhabiting each other’s bodies.
Erased, Tomohiko Ito

Erased Is a Satisfying Blend of Time Travel, Murder Mystery, and Coming of Age Melodrama (Review)

Tomohiko Itō’s latest anime is rooted in tragedy, loss, and a search for restoration and redemption… and time travel.
Hypnospace Outlaw

Police the Internet of the Future in Hypnospace Outlaw

Tholen has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the game’s development.

Dream Catalogue Bids You Enter the Dreambox

This one-time limited release will feature ten albums that have received the most requests for a cassette release.
Posh Lost

Posh Lost’s Wonderfully Gloomy Debut Is More Than Just Musical Nostalgia (Review)

Yes, this Minnesota quintet sounds a LOT like Joy Division but their self-assured music ultimately transcends such easy comparisons.
Mass Effect: Andromeda

Congratulations BioWare: You’ve Got Me Excited for a New Mass Effect Game

I thought I was done after Mass Effect 3’s disappointing ending. I guess I was wrong.

My Favorite Macross Mecha

Forget about characters and plot. My favorite aspect of “Macross” has always been its amazing mecha designs.


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