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Rogue One

Random Nerdery: Macross, Star Wars, Voltron, and Thunderbirds Are Go

Transforming mecha and the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” make everything better.
No Man's Sky 01

No Man’s Sky’s Universe Is Beautiful, Isolating, and Tragic

What are the philosophical implications of one of the most hyped video games in recent memory?
Blame, Tsutomu Nihei

Tsutomu Nihei’s Blame! Manga Is Coming to Netflix (and the Trailer Looks Good)

Tsutomu Nihei’s dark cyberpunk manga will be a “Netflix Original Film” in 2017.
Endless Summer, The Midnight

The Midnight’s Endless Summer is 2016’s Greatest ’80s Soundtrack (Review)

The Midnight’s take on ’80s pop is packed with synthesizer goodness — and blazing guitar and sax solos galore.
Stranger Things Vol 1, Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein

Stranger Things, Volume 1 by Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein (Review)

Dixon and Stein have composed a rich, evocative score that brings the world of “Stranger Things” to life all on its own.
Infinity Shred

Infinity Shred Prepares to Travel the Long Distance

The album’s first single is accompanied by a post-apocalyptic skateboarding video… because why not?
Serenity, Bvdub

Serenity by Bvdub (Review)

Bvdub’s music is euphoric enough for any discothèque but its true appeal lies in its moody, contemplative aspect.
Rain Temple, 2814

Rain Temple by 2814 (Review)

Though created by two vaporwave luminaries, this album’s best moments transcend that genre’s aesthetics.
Google Play Music Logo

Google Play Music Has What I’ve Been Looking for Since Rdio Died

If you miss the way Rdio’s queue worked, Google Play Music has you covered.


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