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Opus Logo Comparison

A Tale of Two Logos (or, Now Let’s SVG All the Things)

I redesigned Opus’ logo because I wanted to make my website faster. Did it work?

Please, For the Love of All That Is Holy, Optimize Your Website’s Images

Websites can never be too fast, which means that website images can never be too small.
Into the Heart of the Eternal, vidnaObmana

Into the Heart of the Eternal by VidnaObmana (Review)

A fantastic point of entry into the career of one of ambient music’s most distinctive and prolific voices.
Thirty - Irezumi

Thirty by Irezumi (Review)

Irezumi crafts ambient soundscapes with such elegance that they never feel insufferable or too consumed by their own gloom.
My Favorite (FB)

My Favorite Returns With Promises of a New Single

I’m almost forty but the part of me that’s still an awkward, music-obsessed sixteen-year-old is absolutely loving this.
Richard Hawley

My Favorite Songs of 2015, Part 5: Honorable Mentions

These songs may not have been in my top picks but they still deserve notice in their own right.
Sufjan Stevens

My Favorite Songs of 2015, Part 4: Noah, Pure Bathing Culture, RAIJ, The Soft Moon, Sufjan Stevens & U.S. Girls

Sleepy trip-hop, atmospheric indie-electronic, religious experimental folk, harrowing post-punk/EBM, mournful folk & experimental electronic rock.
Kendrick Lamar

My Favorite Songs of 2015, Part 3: Kendrick Lamar, Lightning Bug, Luxury, Makeup & Vanity Set, mewithoutYou & Native Lights

Incendiary hip-hop, soaring shoegaze, aggressive indie-rock, poignant synth-wave, thought-provoking emo & atmospheric rock.
Eons D

My Favorite Songs of 2015, Part 2: Eons D, Carlos Forster, The Green Kingdom, Grimes, Holly Herndon & In Gowan Ring

Soulful hip-hop, lo-fi psychedelia, ambient dub, soaring electronic pop, abstract electronica, and otherworldly neo-folk.
Ester Drang Band 2014

Ester Drang Reissues ‘Infinite Keys,’ Announces Plans for New Music

The first Ester Drang song in nearly a decade will be released in February 2016.

My Favorite Songs of 2015, Part 1: Alphaxone, Blackalicious, CFCF, Rob Clouth, Cold Showers & The Declining Winter

Ominous ambience, funky hip-hop, pan-global instrumentals, crushing electronica, elegant post-punk, and forlorn post-rock.


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