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Music Doesn’t Have to Sound Good to Be Good

The experience of listening to music is so much more than simply the music’s audio fidelity.
Lush (2015)

Lush Is the Latest Band to Join the Shoegaze Revival

Lush’s catalog will be reissued prior to their first gig in two decades.
Death Parade, Yuzuru Tachikawa

Reading: Death Parade, Zhang Yimou, mewithoutYou, DJ Shadow, Donald Trump, Hideo Kojima & more

Also: Bernie Sanders, the coddling of the American mind, Kendrick Lamar’s spirituality, Kim Davis, Doctor Who, and Superman’s new relevance.

Who knew you could make a video game about a twerking, hug-loving clown?

Remember, not every video game is about shooting and killing.
Beauty Will Save the World, RAIJ

The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus’ ‘Beauty’ Is Finally Here to Save the World

In addition to standard LP, CD, and digital editions, the album is also available in two very limited quantity “deluxe” editions.

Shining a Light on Jesus People USA’s Dark Legacy

How do I make sense of JPUSA’s positive influence on my life in light of the damage it’s done in the lives of so many others?


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