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Arrested Development

Reading: Arrested Development & Biblical Hermeneutics, Fatherhood & The Flash, Gawker’s Implosion, Apple Music & more

Also: Discernment blogs, Planned Parenthood, the search for alien life, ‘Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow,’ and H.P. Lovecraft’s ongoing relevance.
Cascading Slopes

In Rotation: Pilotpriest, Cascading Slopes, The Green Kingdom, Tim Story & CFCF (Review)

Cinematic electronic music, Quaker-influenced synthpop, spacious ambient dub, atmospheric chamber music, and exotic instrumentals.
Circle of Dust

Considering Circle of Dust’s Legacy in Christian Industrial Music

My latest “Chrindie ‘95” piece looks back on Circle of Dust’s self-titled debut and its place in Christian industrial music’s history.
Knights of Sidonia, Season Two

Knights of Sidonia’s Second Season Is a Huge Disappointment (Review)

Knights of Sidonia’s second season sacrifices nearly everything that made its first season so interesting and refreshing.
Jim Gaffigan

Reading: Jim Gaffigan, Submarine Life, Metalhead Kids, Reimagining Final Fantasy VII, 50 Years of Dune & more

Also: Living a life of sacrifice, crazy VHS cover art, ‘Bloom County’ returns, porn gets even sadder in virtual reality, J.R.R. Tolkien discusses marriage, and Flash must die.
The Dissolve

The Dissolve Fades Out

The site’s obvious love for cinema, in all of its forms, wasn’t enough to pay the bills.


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