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Pale Horses, mewithoutYou

‘Pale Horses’ Is mewithoutYou’s Most Amibitious — and Troubling — Album to Date (Review)

Without a doubt, the most ambitious mewithoutYou album to date, by any standard, but also the most troubling.
Sivutie, Noah

Noah’s ‘Sivutie’ Envelopes Listeners in Sad, Starry-Eyed Ambience (Review)

For those times when you just want to lose yourself in some sad, nostalgic, starry-eyed ambience for an hour or so.
Inside Out, Pete Docter

Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ Is Pure, Heartbreaking Cinematic Magic (Review)

Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ is pure cinematic magic. Also, it reminds me of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ (seriously).
Pure Bathing Culture (2015)

Pure Bathing Culture Announce New Album, Upcoming Tour

Their lush, atmospheric music is still as evocative as ever, even in this short video preview of “Pray For Rain.”

Pitchfork’s Slowdive Documentary Is a Satisfying Look at Shoegazer History

It’s deeply enjoyable, and even a little moving for this fan, to see Slowdive vindicated after all these years.
Video Game Designer

Train up a Child: Video Game Designer

His first contribution to the vertical scrolling shoot ‘em up genre.
Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church

Reading: Charleston & the Confederate Flag, Christopher Lee, mewithoutYou, the IKEA Church, Punk Rock Sells Out & More

Also: Terrible dads in fiction, DuckDuckGo, and more Charleston-related links.

Grace Is a Bowl of Strawberries

I can’t imagine food alternatives really stacking up to the simple-yet-sublime pleasures of freshly picked strawberries.
Knights of Sidonia

Knights of Sidonia Season 2 Is Coming to Netflix in July

In a little meta twist, the new season will also include an adaptation of Tsutomu Nihei’s ‘Blame!.’
Platform, Holly Herndon

Holly Herndon’s Electronic Music Dazzles, Disorients on Platform (Review)

For all of its artificiality, there’s very little that’s cold, clinical, or merely “academic” about Platform.

In Rotation: Lycia, Flying Saucer Attack, mewithoutYou, Redspencer & Eons D (Review)

This time: Atmospheric darkwave, eerie space rock, poetic post-hardcore, jangly pop, and soulful hip-hop.


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