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Bark Psychosis' Hex

Remembering the Magic of Bark Psychosis’ Hex

It’s a landmark album, but more importantly, it’s a beautiful album, and time has done nothing to change that.
Sony Logo

Reading: The Sony Hack, Dick Cheney & Torture, Christ and Pop Culture, Isao Takahata, Blackbirds & More

Also: The ethics of technological artifacts, a Studio Ghibli artwork gallery, and lots of cool military tech and tactics.
DPP2014, #17

DPP2014, #17: Christmas List

What, you don’t see the rocket, gumball machine, and dump truck on there?
Native Lights

Pre-Order the Native Lights Album (Which is Finally Done)

It seems like forever ago that I first wrote about Native Lights, a Tulsa-based “super-group” featuring members of Ester Drang and Unwed Sailor.
DPP2014, #16

DPP2014, #16: Penmanship

The awkward way she held the marker and her tiny chicken scratch said everything they needed to.
DPP2014, #15

DPP2014, #15: Stew

Comfort food of the finest degree.

My Favorite Songs of 2014: A Preview (Sort Of…)

None of these songs are actually on my year-end list, but they easily could’ve been.
DPP2014, #13

DPP2014, #13: Lock n’ Load

​There are moments that you live for as a parent. Like his very first laser tag.

Reading: Slowdive’s Reunion, James Bond, Google+, Facts vs. Narratives in Journalism, Sweden’s Pop Legacy & More

Also: Christmas music, the Internet and our own sinfulness, Guardians of the Galaxy, and real life superheroes.
DPP2014, #12

DPP2014, #12: The Cutest Gamer

A glimpse of the future shape of the video game audience.
DPP2014, #11

DPP2014, #11: Reading

I’d forgotten how pleasant it is to stretch out on the couch and get lost, if for a few minutes, in an honest-to-goodness book.
DPP2014, #10

DPP2014, #10: Ginger Cookies

You know they’re delicious because of all the butter.


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