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Ikiru, Akira Kurosawa

Reading: Ikiru, a Bible Redesign, The Simpsons, Myers-Briggs, Leaving Facebook, Soccer & more

Also: A shoegazer documentary, the thin line between public and private, debating the salvation of extraterrestrials, and remembering the F-14 Tomcat.
Degarmo & Key

Yacht Rock and Classic Contemporary Christian Music: A Match Made in Heaven

Matter by Mild Peril

Matter by Mild Peril (Review)

Imagine a sci-fi/fantasy amalgam featuring feather-haired space knights soaring through the cosmos on metallic steeds, wielding blades of cyber-mithril and saving maidens from evil nebula dragons.
Beyond the Black Rainbow

Listen to a Track from Sinoia Caves’ Beyond the Black Rainbow Soundtrack

Brendan Eich

Reading: Brendan Eich Fallout, Commenters, Google, Twee Revolution, Frozen, Instagram & more


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