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Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus

Deeper Truth & Elusive Beauty: An Interview with The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus

Holding Hands

Reading: Raising Daughters, The Slender Man, Typography, Church Abuse, Hayao Miyazaki & More

Also: BuzzFeed quizzes, the coder’s high, Google’s new design aesthetic, understanding Genesis in its cultural context, and more.


A beautiful gesture from an appreciative community.
Star Trek Logo

A Couple of Awesome Things for My Fellow Star Trek Fans

These fan-made works ensure that Star Trek keeps journeying on into the unknown.
Aurora, Ben Frost

A U R O R A by Ben Frost (Review)

This is the sound of musical equipment being tortured and pushed to its limits until the envelope isn’t just breached, but rather, punctured, shredded, and burnt to a crisp by the exit velocity.
The Mary Onettes

Here’s 3 More Hours of Shoegaze and Dream Pop for All of Your Bliss-Out Needs

A new collection of blissed out, fuzzed up, feedback-filled songs that are ready to destroy your eardrums.
Deaf Center

Deaf Center Announce New Mini-Album Recount

Ambient fans rejoice at the return of Erik Skodvin and Otto Totland.
Mise en Abyme - Raison d'être

Mise en Abyme by Raison D'être (Review)

Mise en Abyme is a fascinating, disturbing, enthralling, unsettling listen, and one of the most accomplished Raison d’être releases to date.


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