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Slowdive Returns

It’s nice to see one of the genre’s shining jewels reunite and be able to take full advantage of the good will that’s been building for them and their music for the last two decades.
Grave of the Fireflies

Every War Movie Is a Pro-War Movie?!

And what does a “thoroughly, effectively” anti-war film look like?

GEMS’ “Never Age” Is a Timeless Slice of Dreampop

In which I finally write something about GEMS and their intoxicating brand of synth-y dreampop.
The Raid 2

The Raid 2 Premiered at Sundance & Kicked It in the Face

The Simpsons & Miyazaki

The Simpsons and Hayao Miyazaki, Together at Last

The Simpsons pay tribute to the animation master.

My Favorite Songs of 2013, Honorable Mentions: Lockets, Jensen Sportag, Savages & more

Soaring ’80s pop, charming modern classical, brooding indie-rock, atmospheric sludge metal, dreamy R&B, and more.
Sigur Rós

My Favorite Songs of 2013, Part 2: Club 8, Sigur Rós, Infinity Shred, Makeup and Vanity Set, and more

Tropical dub from Sweden, blistering post-rock, contemplative ambient jazz, emotional drones, an electronic journey through space, and more.
Arcade Fire

My Favorite Songs of 2013, Part 1: Arcade Fire, Mary Onettes, My Bloody Valentine, Daft Punk & more

Featuring gloriously mopey ’80s pop, robotic heartbreak, shimmering dreampop, late night ambience, and the return of a music legend.


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