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Dumped by Google

A situation that reveals just how little accountability Google has to us, their users.

Are men really called to be heroes?

Is my vision of the heroic life truly Biblical, or has it been shaped by cultural pressures and norms?

How did the fourth season of Community get it all so wrong?

When was the last time a show so effectively and thoroughly undermined so much of what made it great?

Recent and Upcoming Lovesliescrushing Activity

The “beautiful noise” duo are keeping busy with releases of new and archived material.
Low Drone of the Earth - Jay Tholen

The Low Drone of Earth by Jay Tholen (Review)

The Low Drone of Earth may be Tholen’s darkest album to date, but it’s also one of his most successful and well-realized.
Leslie Knope

Why is Parks and Recreation so brilliant?


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