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A Chaos of Desire - Black Tape for a Blue Girl

A Chaos of Desire by Black Tape For A Blue Girl (Review)

The album’s more atmospheric pieces provide a perfect example of Projekt’s “vintage” darkwave sound.
Terror 404 Perturbator

Perturbator’s Terror 404 Is the Perfect Soundtrack for Your Cyberpunk Nightmares

If you’ve ever imagined yourself travelling through a dystopian future where the Singularity has brought about the techno-apocalypse, then this is your jam.
Dumbo Gets Mad

“Eclectic Prawn” by Dumbo Gets Mad

Pure mind-expanding bliss.

Hey Bloggers: Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

If you find an interesting article that you want to share on your blog, then do everything you can to point your readers to the original article.


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