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Nausicaa God Warrior

Studio Ghibli and Hideaki Anno Unleash the “Giant God Warrior”

The live action tokusatsu short film was made with traditional filmmaking techniques.

What does it really mean to be a music lover?

Can you really call yourself a music lover if you’re not supporting the artists responsible for the music you have?
Brother Sun, Sister Moon

Brother Sun, Sister Moon by Brother Sun, Sister Moon (Review)

It’s difficult for me to listen to these songs and not imagine that I’m listening to music culled, in some fashion, directly from the duo’s long-lost childhood memories.
The Cure (1980)

Listen to The Cure’s First American Concert

The Cure (1980)

The Internet Is Killing the Porn Industry

Safari 5 Reader

Safari 5’s “Reader” and the Death of Web Publishing

Safari 5 Reader

Finding Common Ground in the Culture Wars

Perhaps the best way to deal with the vast cultural divide in this nation is to simply talk less about those things that so obviously divide us.
Safari 5 Reader

When Marlin Perkins Punched a Journalist

Pulp Fiction - Quentin Tarantino

The Quentin Tarantino Movie Multiverse

Here’s a fun bit of geeky cinema theorizing.
Infinity Blade

The Infinity Blade Games’ Worldbuilding Is Deceptively Simple


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