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Princess Ghibli, Imaginary Flying Machines

Princess Ghibli by Imaginary Flying Machines (Review)

If the thought of a band likely decked out in leather, chains, spikes and/or corpse paint ripping through the theme to My Neighbor Totoro fills you with delight, then this is the album for you.
Princess Ghibli

Coroner Records Gives Studio Ghibli the Heavy Metal Treatment With Princess Ghibli

Opthomas Prime

Opthomas Prime Is Ready to Bust Some Buffers

Transformers and Thomas the Tank Engine, together at last.
Rain Town

Hiroyasu Ishida’s “Rain Town” Is a Haunting, Beautiful Animated Short

A short set in a town where the rain never stops, Rain Town is a mysterious tone piece of a film that reveals Hiroyasu Ishida to be an animator to watch.
Dragon Age 2

How Dragon Age 2 Undermines Its Own Narrative

Dragon Age 2 aims to tell an epic, involving storyline, but thanks to unreliable narration and poor plotting, it consistently prevents you from experiencing one.


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