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Josh T. Pearson

Josh T. Pearson Presents Last of the Country Gentlemen

Josh T. Pearson

My New Music Column: “Grace Notes”

This Is Where We Are, Seryn

This Is Where We Are by Seryn (Review)

This is good, honest, soul-stirring music of the finest kind, music that never feels the need to announce itself or overstate its worth.
Flight of the Navigator - Randal Kleiser

My Obligatory Flight of the Navigator Entry

In which I probably write way too much about what was my favorite movie for part of my childhood.
Owl Splinters - Deaf Center

Owl Splinters by Deaf Center (Review)

Proof that quieter and subtler can prove more impactful and haunting than any barrage of monstrous or terrifying sounds.
Rattle the Windows - Melaena Cadiz

Rattle the Windows by Melaena Cadiz (Review)

Cadiz’s self-released debut conjures up June Carter Cash and Patsy Cline as much as Joanna Newsom.


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