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Biblical Contradictions

Biblical Contradictions (Now With Pictures)

An infographic purports to show 439 contradictions in the Bible, but is there more to the picture than meets the eye?
TSA Agents

The TSA Debacle

Treating Americans like suspected terrorists doesn’t make anybody safer.
TSA Agents

Don’t Touch My Junk

There Has To Be More, RadioSeed

There Has To Be More by RadioSeed (Review)

Dreamy, washed out bliss-pop full of swirling, sighing vocals and ambient guitar textures.
Black Trees Among Amber Skies, Altus

Black Trees Among Amber Skies by Altus (Review)

Carss’ compositions are quite evocative and even occasionally intimate.
Convalescing in Braille, Crushed Stars

Convalescing in Braille by Crushed Stars (Review)

Convalescing in Braille might be the most unassuming album I’ve listened to in quite some time.
Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse: Covert Christian Evangelists?


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