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A New Writing Gig: Christ and Pop Culture

I’ve recently begun contributing articles to Christ and Pop Culture.

Microsoft’s Never Mind the Bullets

Microsoft has developed an über-cool HTML5-based web comic to celebrate the impending release of Internet Explorer 9.
Nighttide, Swartz et

Nighttide by Swartz Et (Review)

There’s a sense of slow burn here, a sense of movement towards a deeper, darker realm of sound that is only apparent in hindsight.
Cornhusker Fans

Who Are the Biggest Nerds?

There’s no use denying it: football fans are nerds of the highest order.
The Color of Paradise - Majid Majidi

Omer Mozaffar on Majid Majidi’s The Color of Paradise

The Color of Paradise is one of the few films that I can recommend without any reservations whatsoever.


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