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Idylls - Love Spirals Downwards

Idylls by Love Spirals Downwards (Review)

Let’s get the obvious out of way: the Cocteau Twins are the most obvious point of reference, particularly Treasure and Victorialand.
Bonfires on the Heath - The Clientele

Bonfires on the Heath by The Clientele (Review)

One does feel that this is the album the Clientele have been working towards throughout their entire career.

A Case Against Blogging

I have problems with these sorts of apocalyptic articles, even though I agree with some of their basic points.

God the Separator

Have we been reading Genesis all wrong?
Truelove's Gutter, Richard Hawley

Truelove’s Gutter by Richard Hawley (Review)

Truelove’s Gutter is a magnificent, richly textured album highlighted by Hawley’s remarkable voice and unashamedly sentimental lyrics.

What’s the biggest threat to the Bible?

Apparently, it’s liberal bias.
Tyler Perry

God, Hollywood, and Tyler Perry


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