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Paprika - Satoshi Kon

Paprika by Satoshi Kon (Review)

To attempt to come up with a more detailed plot synopsis is sort of beside the point, and to be honest, I don’t even know if it’s possible.
Paprika - Satoshi Kon

Presenting the New Twitch

I’m really excited by the new site and the capabilities it offers Todd and his team of crazy writers that they never had before.
My Bloody Valentine

Beautiful Noise: A Shoegazer Documentary

Self-Titled, Cam Butler

Cam Butler by Cam Butler (Review)

Cam Butler’s self-titled EP shows that folks from “down under” certainly know their way around western film music.
You Turn Me EP, Drone Dimension

You Turn Me by Drone Dimension (Review)

Drone Dimension was well on their way to becoming a shining light in the “nu-gaze” movement.
Non Resurgam - Henry Flower

Non Resurgam by Henry Flower (Review)

The EP’s four songs were created by improvising guitar lines through various effects boxes.
In The Gloaming - Henry Flower

In the Gloaming by Henry Flower (Review)

These four songs are inspired by the paintings of Claude Monet, J. M. W. Turner, Ken Bushe, and Mark Rothko.
In The Gloaming - Henry Flower

Cornerstone 2007: In Closing


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