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Cornerstone 2007, Day 4: Only Yesterday, Haibane Renmei, Slam Dunk & Cornerstone Nostalgia

Cornerstone 2007, Day 3: Linda, Linda, Linda, The Winston Jazz Routine & State Bird

Cornerstone 2007, Day 2: Kamikaze Girls, Darkon & Starflyer 59

Cornerstone 2007, Day 1: Welcome to Bushnell, Flickerings & Intro to Otaku Culture

A Chain of Short Stories About Their Distance

A Place to Bury Strangers

A Place to Bury Strangers

A Place to Bury Strangers explores the same, pummeling sonic territory of Skywave while delving even deeper into the darkness.
Daicon IV Logo

Daicon IV

The glorious Daicon IV opening sequence posits that nerdy pop culture might just somehow save the world.
Apple Website 2007

The New Apple Website

Some thoughts on the new design of Apple’s website, which enforces a consistent experience with their operating system.
Apple Website 2007

The Zion Church Website

Zion Fire #1

A Church Is Not Its Building (But It Still Hurts When It Burns Down)

A church is not its building, and yet the building — and all of the things that it contains — is so important.
We Walked in Song, Innocence Mission

We Walked in Song by The Innocence Mission (Review)

The album is dedicated to both of Karen’s parents, and that sense of loss and mourning permeates the album.
We Walked in Song, Innocence Mission

Bound For Bushnell

This year, I won’t just be attending the Cornerstone festival; I’m going to be a speaker.


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