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The Cycle of Days and Seasons

The Cycle of Days and Seasons

Long drives through midwestern nowheres have become forever linked to Hood’s 1999 masterpiece.
The Cycle of Days and Seasons

Catching My Eye

Here are a few websites that have recently popped up on my radar.
Holding On, Peter James

Holding On by Peter James (Review)

Melancholic dark ambience that is as good as anything I’ve purchased from the likes of Projekt, Cold Meat Industries, Manifold, Soleilmoon, etc.
The Amazing Screw-On Head - Chris Prynoski

The Amazing Screw-On Head by Chris Prynoski (Review)

The world could always use some more goofily charming, historically irreverent sci-fi.
Tom Yum Goong, Prachya Pinkaew

Tom Yum Goong by Prachya Pinkaew (Review)

Despite some really fun action scenes, Tom Yum Goong is a decidedly inferior film to its predecessor, Ong-Bak.
Tom Yum Goong, Prachya Pinkaew

On Turning 31

One of my co-workers commented that 31 is one of those “meh” ages, and they’re absolutely right.


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