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Friend Opportunity - Deerhoof

Friend Opportunity by Deerhoof (Review)

Deerhoof’s experimentation often seems to serve no other purpose than to show off that the band can, indeed, experiment.
We Know About The Need, Bracken

We Know About The Need by Bracken (Review)

Those expecting to hear the pastoral soundscapes that Hood meanders through on their albums might be a bit surprised.
Glass Orb


How will that impact the way I interact with the stuff of this world, if I believe that God is somehow incarnated it all of it?

Lowen Kruse, Teen Drinking, and Communion

We no longer care about the spirit of the law. Rather, we care only for the letter of the law.
Curse of the Golden Flower, Zhang Yimou

Curse of the Golden Flower by Zhang Yimou (Review)

I need to stop the review lest it just become a checklist of everything I dislike about the movie.
Steve Jobs announces the iPhone

So, There Was This Keynote Earlier Today…

There’s no doubt that Apple has thrown down the gauntlet to all of the other phone and portable device manufacturers.

My Favorite Music of 2006

Shut Up & Sing

Shut Up & Sing by Barbara Kopple, Cecilia Peck (Review)

Ultimately a testament to such American values as love, friendship, family, and loyalty as much as free speech.
The Night's Bloom - Pinetop Seven

The Night’s Bloom by Pinetop Seven (Review)

A vital collection of everything that’s beautiful and evocative in the group’s spooky, forlorn music.


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