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Aerial Days - Songs of Green Pheasant

Aerial Days by Songs Of Green Pheasant (Review)

Aerial Days is full of tiny shimmering moments of beauty.
So This Is Goodbye - Junior Boys

So This Is Goodbye by Junior Boys (Review)

Every single note, melody, and beat on So This Is Goodbye has been streamlined and polished as much as possible.
And The Glass Handed Kites, Mew

And The Glass Handed Kites by Mew (Review)


Swing Girls by Shinobu Yaguchi (Review)

Swing Girls is far better than it frankly has any right to be, thanks to the sheer amount of fun, enthusiasm, and aplomb it contains.

The New Hotness

The latest version of Opus is even more streamlined than before and boasts some significant changes under the hood.

6 Things

A list of 6 things you might know about me.
Songs For Christmas, Sufjan Stevens

Songs for Christmas by Sufjan Stevens (Review)

I’ve heard most of the songs on here before, countless times. But I had never heard them like this, in such a sublime context.
Jesus Camp

Jesus Camp by Rachel Grady, Heidi Ewing (Review)

Songs From Before

Songs From Before by Max Richter (Review)

Richter’s music is perfectly suited to the themes of loss, nostalgia, and alienation that permeate Haruki Murakami’s work.
The Twilight Sad EP - The Twilight Sad

The Twilight Sad EP by The Twilight Sad (Review)

There’s a rawness and youthful recklessness that never fails to render their music beguiling, even at its loudest and most abrasive.
IBM 1401, A User's Manual - Johann Johannson

IBM 1401, A User’s Manual by Jóhann Jóhannsson (Review)

A tribute to an old computer, the five long tracks that make up this disc are elegiac and gorgeous.
District B13 Pierre Morel

District B13 by Pierre Morel (Review)

The stunts and fights scenes have an edge and brutality that you just don’t see everyday.


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