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Geochilmaru, Kim Jin-seong

Geochilmaru by Kim Jin-seong (Review)

There’s something refreshing, even affecting, about the lo-fi approach that Geochilmaru takes to martial arts cinema.
Beyond Sea and Sky - Secret Shine

Beyond Sea and Sky by Secret Shine (Review)

Rough around the edges but still full of lovely textures in which to lose yourself.
Ikiru, Akira Kurosawa

Ikiru by Akira Kurosawa (Review)

Kurosawa’s film takes on topics and expounds upon themes that could have easily come from that most existential of books: Ecclesiastes.
Songs for Creeps, The Places

Songs for Creeps by The Places (Review)

Annelle’s songs encapsulate entire tiny little worlds of sound, conjuring up dim images of broken down places and darkened rooms pregnant with memory and longing.
Songs for Creeps, The Places


What have Christians done to show people that the way of Christ really is a higher, nobler calling?


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