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Songs Of Green Pheasant

Songs of Green Pheasant by Songs Of Green Pheasant (Review)

The album’s awkward-yet-earned shortcomings, much like its audio imperfections, only make it more affecting.
Chinaman, Henrik Ruben Genz

Chinaman by Henrik Ruben Genz (Review)

A winsome film that, ultimately, isn’t as absorbing as its themes and characters warrant.
Apostasy - A Year to Forget

Apostasy by A Year To Forget (Review)

A Year to Forget have an energy to them and you can tell that their live shows are probably insane from this release.

The Morning Drone

Eventually, other train whistles called out as well, short little blasts that — to my still sleepy ears, at least — seemed to harmonize perfectly with the primary drone.
Brother, Sister, mewithoutYou

Brother, Sister by MewithoutYou (Review)

Brother, Sister is a perfect encapsulation of everything that’s both good and bad about mewithoutYou’s music.
Brother, Sister, mewithoutYou

Shaun Inman Presents “The Heap”

Inman taps into the web’s inherent ephemeral-ness and uses it as a very creative means of presentation.

The Evil That Is the Blog

Wolves - My Latest Novel

Wolves by My Latest Novel (Review)

Repeated listens bear out My Latest Novel’s charms.
Wolves - My Latest Novel

Sometimes It’s a Very Thin Line

Snark and sarcasm just don’t seem to do as much for me as they once did.


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