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The Face of Web Hosting

Is there some sort of unspoken agreement among the world’s hosting providers that states that their websites must look like total ass?
Sæglopur EP - Sigur Rós

Sæglopur EP by Sigur Rós (Review)

Compared to previous EPs like Svefn-G-Englar and Ný Batterí, Sæglopur’s b-sides are of a much subtler, more delicate bent.
Truck Turner

Truck Turner by Jonathan Kaplan (Review)

The movie is so over-the-top, so full of itself, that it’s really hard to be offended by its more backwards views and scenes.
Water - Deepa Mehta

Water by Deepa Mehta (Review)

Like the best “message” films, Water does not preach or cram its agenda down one’s throat.
Shapes and Sizes - Shapes and Sizes

Shapes and Sizes by Shapes And Sizes (Review)

There’s something infectious, toe-tapping, and even joyous about the album as a whole.
Avalon Sutra - Harold Budd

Avalon Sutra by Harold Budd (Review)

These songs are fragile, tender, ephemeral things… and they are best experienced and celebrated as such.

Tarnation’s Return

Tarnation is/was one of those bands that, like so many other great bands, never received any significant amount of exposure.
All Lost - Monster Movie

All Lost by Monster Movie (Review)

A blend of lush, euphoric pop music with lyrics full of existential despair, romantic failure, and wistfulness.
The Secret Rivals

The Secret Rivals by James Nam, See-Yuen Ng (Review)

The movie became less a piece of entertainment, and more a tattered, browning, fading document from an alternate kung fu universe.
The Drift - Scott Walker

The Drift by Scott Walker (Review)

You must either acquiesce to Scott Walker’s latest or just throw the whole thing away and move onto something safer.
The Drift - Scott Walker

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Superman Returns

Superman Returns by Bryan Singer (Review)

Superman Returns feels lacking in so much of the spirit that I long for in any movie featuring costumed do-gooders.


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