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Views of Distant Towns - RF

Views of Distant Towns by RF (Review)

It captures into the meandering melancholy and sense of longing that characterizes Haruki Murakami’s writing.
Babylon 5

A Bit of a Ramble on Sci-Fi, Spirituality, Atheists, Babylon 5 & Firefly

What good does it do to ingest the works of someone who has outright denied God’s existence?
The Burning Circle and Then Dust - Lycia

The Burning Circle and Then Dust by Lycia (Review)

Conjures up every cliché of goth/darkwave music… and then easily transcends them.
Circles, Unwed Sailor

Circles by Unwed Sailor (Review)

So when I say I had no idea what to expect when I slipped Circles into the player, I really mean that.
Monument to a Ruined Age - Goddakk

Monument to a Ruined Age by Goddakk (Review)

I find something especially beguiling about Newman’s harsh, brittle soundscapes.
Lansing-Dreiden, The Dividing Island

Lansing-Dreiden Presents “A Line You Can Cross”

New iMac #1

Reviewing the New iMac: A Week’s Worth of Impressions

It’s sleek, slim, and just a wee bit sexy.
Sufjan Stevens' Avalanche

Sufjan Stevens Presents The Avalanche

Nobody Knows - Hirokazu Koreeda

Nobody Knows by Hirokazu Koreeda (Review)

Amazing performances and subtle direction anchor Hirokazu Koreeda’s bittersweet movie about children abandoned by their mother.
Bajamar, Manual

Bajamar by Manual (Review)

To be perfectly honest, I just think Munk has found himself in a bit of rut.
Bajamar, Manual

Heat Vision and Jack

This is the sort of show that, had I seen it as a 12-year-old boy in the ’80s, would have easily left a huge mark on my young psyche.
V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta by James McTeigue (Review)


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