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Naked - Mike Leigh

Naked by Mike Leigh (Review)

A difficult film to watch, as a young cynic leaves a swath of sexual, physical, intellectual, and spiritual devastation in his wake.
LOTR: The Third Age

A Few Thoughts on the Lord of the Rings Video Games

Peter Jackson has recently spoken out against the various Lord Of The Rings video games, saying that he’s displeased with EA’s efforts.
Titania 2005

Titania by Titania (Review)

Uncertain Futures and Fading Pasts - Angelmark

Uncertain Futures and Fading Pasts by Angelmark (Review)

Fans of classic 4AD sounds, as well as stuff like Windy & Carl and Lanterna, will find plenty to like here.
Crying Fist

Crying Fist by Ryoo Seung-wan (Review)

I personally would’ve liked something a lot darker and heavier.
The American Astronaut

The American Astronaut by Cory McAbee (Review)

The American Astronaut works best if you think of it as a tweaked version of classic black-and-white serials.

Finally Getting Our Lost Fix

Some thoughts on watching “Lost” via Apple’s iTunes.

Crónicas by Sebastián Cordero (Review)

Crónicas is about the lengths to which someone will go to get the truth, even if it means sacrificing the truth to do so.
Thunder, Lightning, Strike, The Go! Team

Thunder, Lightning, Strike by The Go! Team (Review)

An absolutely delirious record whose substance comes purely from its delirious flow and infectious sense of fun.
Souvenirs - California Oranges

Souvenirs by California Oranges (Review)

As the name might imply, this is bright, shiny, shimmery California pop of the highest variety.

Yellow6 Interview

There was never a conscious decision made between us about which direction to go in with the album. It was whatever felt right at the time.

An Interview with Caul

After rediscovering the dark ambient sounds of Brett Smith (aka Caul), I interviewed him about Caul’s origins as well as current and future projects.


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