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Sympathy for Lady Vengeance - Park Chan-wook

The 2005 Toronto International Film Festival

Selections From Europe 2005 - Dead Can Dance

Selections From Europe 2005 by Dead Can Dance (Review)

Listening to these recordings, you get a real sense of just how overwhelming this group must be to experience live.
Flying Spaghetti Monster

In Pasta We Trust

Didn’t we outgrow this sort of behavior when we left junior high?
Are You A Dreamer?, Denison Witmer

Are You A Dreamer? by Denison Witmer (Review)

There’s a confidence, a security that comes across in his music that is terribly comforting.
Designed for Reading - The Sound Gallery

Designed for Reading by The Sound Gallery (Review)

Designed for Reading retains a consistent cinematic feel, full of dramatic drones, haunting vocal pieces, and dark slabs of ambience.


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