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The Place Promised in Our Early Days, Makoto Shinkai

The Place Promised in Our Early Days by Makoto Shinkai (Review)

Ultimately, the film is a nostalgic and romantic tale of childhood promises and dreams.
Liz Janes

Liz Janes Will Hush Your Weary Heart to Sleep

The chance to hear Janes’ voice in an even more stripped down, traditional setting is not without its allure.
Waves & Echoes - Portal

Waves & Echoes by Portal (Review)

Scott Sinfield’s gorgeous atmospherics are sometimes undone by some nondescript programming.
mewithoutYou 20050612

Concert Review: mewithoutYou & Make Believe (June 12, 2005, Omaha, NE)

In concert, these songs become absolute maelstroms, as the band handily moves past their punk comparisons and launches right into the stratosphere with ear-shredding noise.
Catch for Us the Foxes, mewithoutYou

Catch for Us the Foxes by MewithoutYou (Review)

An album where nearly every single song grabs you by the throat.
Virdulegu Forsetar - Johann Johannson

Virðulegu Forsetar by Jóhann Jóhannsson (Review)

A highly evocative composition that is both joyful and uplifting, infinitely sad and haunting.
Advent Rising

Advent Rising by Donald Mustard, Geremy Mustard (Review)

“Advent Rising” is ambitious, but perhaps just a little too ambitious for its own good.
Illinois, Sufjan Stevens

Illinois by Sufjan Stevens (Review)

This album has been like a breath of fresh air for me, even bringing me close to tears during some of the more haunting passages.

Innaway by Innaway (Review)

This is a very drifty, floaty album, with atmospherics that glide, bubble, and simmer.


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