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Noise For Lovers, Anaphylaxis

Noise For Lovers by Anaphylaxis (Review)

An incredibly immersive and overwhelming experience, especially when listened to on headphones.
Millions - Danny Boyle

Millions by Danny Boyle (Review)

Danny Boyle has made a film that is truly and honestly heartwarming, inspirational, emotional, and family-friendly.
Primer - Shane Carruth

Primer by Shane Carruth (Review)

Sci-fi fans looking for something with a little more substance, not to mention a brainteaser or two, are in for a treat with this one.
Silent Alarm - Bloc Party

Silent Alarm by Bloc Party (Review)

It’ll be interesting to see how this disc holds up in a month, 6 months, a year.
High, The Blue Nile

High by The Blue Nile (Review)

Buchanan and his bandmates seem more interested in capturing the beauty and magic in life’s mundane details.
Scott 4 - Scott Walker

Scott 4 by Scott Walker (Review)

The album weds poetic, intelligent lyrics and lush arrangements.
Drum and Bass for the Masses - Faith Massive

Drum and Bass for the Masses by Faith Massive (Review)

Unlike some bands that “drum and bass” is attached to, Faith Massive are all about the groove and the mood, as opposed to flashing the mad skillz.
81:03 - Antarctica

81:03 by Antarctica (Review)

One of those albums that reminds you of all of your favorite bands and yet still sounds unique.
Sin Disease, Scaterd Few

Sin Disease by Scaterd Few (Review)

A real gem that hasn’t lost it’s energy after almost a decade, and whose impact will probably never fully be known.
A Motorised Mind - The November Commandment

A Motorised Mind by The November Commandment (Review)

A very good look at where the Christian industrial scene had its gestation.
Bliss Out, Piano Magic

Bliss Out, Volume 13 by Piano Magic (Review)

Piano Magic creates two hauntingly beautiful tales that sound like recordings straight from the Sargasso Sea.
Low Birth Weight, Piano Magic

Low Birth Weight by Piano Magic (Review)

Piano Magic’s music is as spectral and eerie as it is beautiful and enchanting.


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