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Let Us Never Speak of It Again, Out Hud

Let Us Never Speak of It Again by Out Hud (Review)

The new disc is far less skronky and cacophonous, its melodies having been burnished to a chrome-like, Euro-chic sheen.
Absence, True Colour of Blood

Absence by True Colour Of Blood (Review)

These are vast recordings, traveling from the deepest crypts to the furthest reaches of space.
We'll Pick Up The Pieces Next Time - Angle

We’ll Pick Up The Pieces Next Time by Angle (Review)

The trans-Channel duo have chosen to release an even more hushed and muted collection of songs.
Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice - Starflyer 59

Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice by Starflyer 59 (Review)

In addition to these fresh, exciting elements, the album also features some of the most honest, spiritual songs that Martin has written in, well, quite some time.
Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice - Starflyer 59

Inside the Mind of a Future Husband, Part 1

Is being a dumb schmuck all I have to forward to in marriage?
Old Wives Tales - Joy Electric

Old Wives Tales by Joy Electric (Review)

The innocence of Martin’s music has always been one of the main attractions that Joy Electric has had for me.
Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada

Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada by Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Review)

This is true pre-millenial tension, folks.
F#A# Infinity - Godspeed You Black Emperor!

F#A# Infinity by Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Review)

Nothing’s small in GYBE!’s music.
The River of Appearance - vidnaObmana

The River of Appearance by VidnaObmana (Review)

This is some of the most relaxing music I own, and by far one of the best ambient albums I own.
Talkie Walkie, Air

Talkie Walkie by Air (Review)

A classic in the same league as all of their previous albums.
The Virgin Suicides OST, Air

The Virgin Suicides OST by Air (Review)

Challenging while still entertaining, Air’s latest work should go over well with those looking for a late-night mood album.
10,000 Hz Legend, Air

10,000 Hz Legend by Air (Review)

This is just confirmation that Air is one of the greatest bands around right now.


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