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New Police Story

New Police Story by Benny Chan (Review)

Easily one of, if not the, darkest and most somber film that Chan has made to date.
Paranoia Agent - Satoshi Kon

Paranoia Agent, Volume 1 by Satoshi Kon (Review)

For those of you looking for anime with substance and depth, plus tons of style and atmosphere, I can’t recommend Satoshi Kon’s latest work highly enough.
Noi the Albino, Dagur Kári

Noi the Albino by Dagur Kári (Review)

Noi the Albino possesses an otherness that makes it a truly surprising, engaging, and thought-provoking debut feature.
Noi the Albino, Dagur Kári

The Blog Is Dead, Long Live the Blog

Now with tagging, enhanced searching, and better accessibility.
Noi the Albino, Dagur Kári

Evaluating Pitchfork’s New Design

Speaking as a developer, I have to confess I find the new look rather underwhelming, both inside and out.
Noi the Albino, Dagur Kári


Chances are, I’m a pretty poor example of Christ myself.
Blister, Taikan Suga

Blister by Taikan Suga (Review)

‘Blister’ is a hidden gem, one that both affirms the value of our hobbies while also reminding us that there is a real world out there.
The Floating Glass Key In The Sky, Rainstick Orchestra

The Floating Glass Key in the Sky by Rainstick Orchestra (Review)

Rainstick Orchestra’s music doesn’t quite come together in a way that ultimately satisfies.
Transmission of All the Good-Byes - Lilium

Transmission of All the Good-Byes by Lilium (Review)

Pascal Humbert’s cinematic music conjures up images of rundown desert locales and holes-in-the-wall.


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