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Now the Day Is Over, The Innocence Mission

Now the Day Is Over by The Innocence Mission (Review)

While Sleeping, Balun

While Sleeping by Balún (Review)

The fact that their music still has plenty of its own charm says something to me.
Speed The Road, Rush The Lights, Piano Magic

Speed the Road, Rush the Lights by Piano Magic (Review)

I find it rather troubling and disappointing that Piano Magic’s songs have become this predictable.
For Your Home or Office, Park Avenue Music

For Your Home or Office by Park Avenue Music (Review)

Understated, subtle, patiently constructed electronic pop at its finest.
Plastilina EP - Pia Fraus

Plastilina EP by Pia Fraus (Review)

Ultimately, only hardcore fans of the band need to pick this up.
Tiger Teeth - Call and Response

Tiger Teeth by Call And Response (Review)

The EP comes across as more an experiment, a toss-off than anything else.
Catch The Breeze, Slowdive

Catch The Breeze by Slowdive (Review)

About as perfect a summation of Slowdive’s career as one can find.
Chungking Express

Chungking Express by Wong Kar-Wai (Review)

A fun, offbeat little film that showed me there’s more to Hong Kong cinema than heroic bloodshed and kung-fu.
6Ixtynin9 - Pen-Ek Ratanaruang

6ixtynin9 by Pen-Ek Ratanaruang (Review)

Pen-Ek Ratanaruang’s sophomore film possesses style, attention to detail and character, and depth.
Empty Space - Lycia

Empty Space by Lycia (Review)

Because of the album’s truncated recording, it’s pretty raw and unfinished in places, more a work in progress suspended in time than anything else.
Golden Sun, Manual

Golden Sun by Manual (Review)

At times, the album gets a little too relaxed, and Munk and Skott seem to rely a bit too much on the inherent loveliness of their sound palette to keep things interesting.
Just in Time for Something - Damien Jurado

Just in Time for Something by Damien Jurado (Review)

It’s not so much what Jurado sings but how he sounds doing it. (But what he sings is pretty darn good.)


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