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Concert Review: The Arcade Fire & Kite Pilot (November 29, 2004, Omaha, NE)

A Grand Redesign

The thought of trying to mesh my creative ideas with another’s personality was intriguing.
Halo 2

Can Halo 2 still be a Halo game when it’s missing the Master Chief? (Review)

It seems odd to take a nearly iconic figure like the Master Chief, and do anything that might diminish him.
Halo 2

You Say “Ovenstuff’d,” I Say “Runza”

Best. Fast Food. Ever.
S/T, The Autumns

The Autumns by The Autumns (Review)

The Autumns truly exist in their own frost-laden, wintry wonderland, one that is far beyond the confines of today’s current indie clime.
Homesongs - Adem

Homesongs by Adem (Review)

A sense of warmth and comfort pervades every song on this album.
Winchester Cathderal - Clinic

Winchester Cathedral by Clinic (Review)

Even longtime Clinic fans may find this more of the same.
Up in Flames - Manitoba

Up in Flames by Manitoba (Review)

If there’s a heaven, I hope that this is the soundtrack.
The English Cold, July Skies

The English Cold by July Skies (Review)

The English Cold might still be one of the lushest albums you hear all year.
Voirshn - lovesliescrushing

Voirshn by Lovesliescrushing (Review)

No matter how abstract or surreal, how noisy and harsh, how processed and glitchy their sound becomes, there’s always a heart beating at its core.
Heart Drops From the Great Space - Delicate Awol

Heart Drops From the Great Space by Delicate AWOL (Review)

The thing I like most about this release is that it keeps me guessing.


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