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Casshern, Kazuaki Kiriya

Casshern by Kazuaki Kiriya (Review)

Champion EP - Brother Ali

Champion EP by Brother Ali (Review)

From start to finish, it’s a solid undertaking by one of the premier MCs nobody knows about.
Funeral, Arcade Fire

Funeral by Arcade Fire (Review)

An album that, when all the stars of your life align, grabs you by the throat and shakes you until you’re wide awake.
One Nite in Mongkok

One Nite in Mongkok by Derek Yee (Review)

As strange as this may sound, it’s been a long time since I was so overjoyed and thrilled to have seen a film as dark and troubling as this one.
The Bird People in China - Takashi Miike

The Bird People in China by Takashi Miike (Review)

Even with its flaws, The Bird People in China is downright heart-tugging compared to Miike’s usual fare.
The Bird People in China - Takashi Miike

Concert Review: Explosions in the Sky, Adem, Mr. 1986 (October 17, 2004, Omaha, NE)

Shaun of the Dead, Edgar Wright

Shaun of the Dead by Edgar Wright (Review)

It’s almost subversive at the same time, the way it blends such solid characters with plenty of gore and some wicked humor.
Sleeper Coach - Zelienople

Sleeper Coach by Zelienople (Review)

Sleeper Coach is much more oriented towards deep guitar drones and layers of noise and fuzz, with the only real structure provided by rhythmic loops, themselves fairly indistinct and gauzy.
Consider the Birds, Wovenhand

Consider the Birds by Wovenhand (Review)

Yet another staggering album from one of America’s most convicted (and convicting) songwriters.
Piano Works, Craig Armstrong

Piano Works by Craig Armstrong (Review)

A perfect soundtrack for waxing nostalgic for the movies that play on in my memory.
Poison & Snakes, Liz Janes

Poison & Snakes by Liz Janes (Review)

Closer listening reveals that each song is a tiny world unto itself, full of its own intricate little details.
Last Exile OST 2, Dolce Triad

Last Exile OST, Vol. 2 by Dolce Triad (Review)

Many of the songs on the CD consist of soaring string arrangements, quite appropriate for a series that’s all about flying and freedom in the skies.


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